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SENSE Tenbury Wells

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Sound Baths

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Gentle Healing Relaxing

with Roise (roe-sha)

Fully qualified Sound Healer

at S.E.N.S.E. in Tenbury Wells

Third Thursday and First Tuesday of the month


£12 or £10 with a friend

Book with Roise 07511 621 856

Who are Sound Baths good for?

Sound baths are helpful for people who have stress, anxiety, worry, headaches, neck pain, back pain, joint pain. If you have a high level of these conditions, or other more personal issues, a private personalised session may be more appropriate for you.

What is a Sound Bath?

Immersion in beautiful healing relaxing sounds. Roise gently plays her Tibetan singing bowls, drums, gongs and uses her voice to create etherial effects. The healing sounds are played for groups of people who each book individually. Bring a blanket and pillow.

Roise also offers...

Individual Sound Therapy treatments, Relaxation treatments, Pain Relief treatments and a monthly Drum Mantra Meditate group session for people who find it difficult to meditate.


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