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At S.E.N.S.E we aim to help all of our clients live the healthiest lives they can. In order to reach this goal, we offer a variety of therapies listed below.



Experience the healing vibrations of sound. With over 20 years experience, Roise (roe-sha) can calm the mind by slowing the brain waves. Sound therapy can also stimulate the production of healing relaxing hormones by triggering the relaxation response. It can vibrate “out of tune” parts back into tune and good health.

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Monika Horber

Reflexology is a way to massage the internal organs of the body through the feet, hands, as well as the face and ears. This form of therapy has been done for hundred of years and yet the full benefits of Reflexology are now only beginning to be understood.

Reflexology existed already in ancient cultures, such as Egypt, India and China. Modern Reflexology however became fully developed in 1930 with the creation of charts mapping out the reflex zones of the feet and hands. This was based on scientific research showing that the stimulation of specific areas of the feet or hands has a harmonising effect on the corresponding parts of the body.

A Reflexologist uses hands only to apply pressure to the feet. For each person the application and the effect of the therapy is unique. Sensitive, trained hands can detect tiny deposits and imbalances in the feet, and by working on these points the Reflexologist can release blockages and restore the free flow of energy to the whole body. Tensions are eased, and circulation and elimination is improved. This gentle therapy encourages the body to heal itself, often counteracting a lifetime of misuse.

A treatment consists of gently applying massage movements or pressure onto particular areas of the feet (reflex zones), takes about an hour and is usually experienced as deeply relaxing.

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Charlotte Hall

Counselling is a talking therapy. Learning to trust a counsellor with your personal feelings and thoughts may be a daunting prospect.  With Charlotte’s professional and warm approach the therapy can develop and be rewarding. Counselling can help you find understanding and clarity to problems you are struggling with, by talking things through at a deeper level. It is a process, which evolves at your pace.

Charlotte is a BACP Accredited counsellor with over 12 years experience providing short and long term counselling to a range of clients; individuals, couples, family groups and young people. She does not work with children under 11 years of age.

Although trained in the Person Centred Model of counselling, Charlotte also incorporates aspects of other therapeutic models where appropriate, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Transactional Analysis (TA).

Through talking, listening and sharing together, Charlotte offers a non- judgemental, genuine and empathic way of working with clients. Charlotte will see you in a safe environment in which you can feel heard and supported. Learning and developing a deeper understanding of self helps us to feel empowered to face our fears, problems and troubled feelings.

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Jane Spilsbury

What is it?

“Our work addresses the holding back that we do, where we do not show ourselves, where we hold back feelings, where we hold back actions. Through listening to the truth of the body it is possible to discover what we can do, who we can be, what we can experience, how we can love.” 

Marion Rosen, Founder

Rosen Method Bodywork is an original form of bodywork which addresses the whole person through their physical tension and emotional pain. Its unique form of gentle, listening touch and verbal communication helps people to connect with the truth and not have to deny difficult feelings or experiences.  When the body is allowed to reveal its truth in a space of non-judgement, it can relax and let go of stress and pain.  In Rosen we believe that chronic tension is the result of emotional holding, feelings that have not flowed through us for whatever reason. Emotional pain hurts in the body just like physical pain.

 Rosen Method helps individuals to soften their barriers to life so that they can live more fully, have more joy and ease of being, which in turn can lead to positive action in the client's life. When we are really embodied, connected in ourselves, physically, we can be aware of and care for ourselves, meet our needs. We can also connect with others in deep and meaningful ways.

Rosen is a way of exploration for the person who would like more out of their life, and who wishes to connect more to their body's inherent loving wisdom – to live their unrealised potential. Somewhere inside, we remember the possibility of wholeness, fullness of being, and we seek a return to that. Rosen can help us reclaim our bodies and, thereby, a clearer, stronger sense of self.

In Rosen we do not aim to fix, manipulate or change, we help create the conditions for you and your body to heal naturally.

Why do people come for Rosen Method Bodywork?

physical pain

emotional pain – grief, anger, shame

stress and feeling overstretched

feeling stuck, unhappy or dissatisfied with life

a desire to feel greater connection, with themselves, others and life

conflict, inner and outer

PTSD, trauma

Potential benefits of Rosen Method Bodywork:

relief from physical and emotional pain

more breathing space

reduced anxiety and stress

more joy, laughter and self-acceptance

deepening awareness and more meaningful life

release from negative, old behaviour patterns

trust and acceptance

greater capacity for intimacy

learning to receive

finding your voice, being seen and heard

personal transformation, learning to be yourself, with ease

easier, more joyful movement

spiritual connection.

Rosen is a wonderful complement to talking therapies of most kinds, aiding the process.

Jane Spilsbury, BA (Hons.) MA.

Jane is a qualified Rosen Method Practitioner, Master Coach and Counsellor, she has had a varied career with a background in adult education and training.  She has had a long term interest in health and well-being, and the mind/body/spirit connection, which has found its most satisfying manifestation in Rosen Method Bodywork. Her involvement with Rosen began in 2011, she is currently a practitioner, training to be a Rosen Workshop teacher, she practises at S.E.N.S.E in Tenbury Wells, at Lifeways, in Stratford-upon-Avon, and in clinics in Birmingham and Sheffield. She is a member of the Rosen Institute, a board member, and upholds the Rosen Institute's ethical and professional standards. She is also Chair of the Rosen Method Professional association in the UK.


Certified Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner

Graduate Certificate of Applied Coaching, Certified Master Coach

Certificate in Counselling Skills, Relate, NVQ Level 3, OCN        

BTEC Certificate in Operating a Weight Management Consultancy


Member of the Rosen Institute

Rosen Institute Board Member

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The Rosen Method website, has more information if required.


Andrea Mountford

I am a wife, mother and grandmother and have lived long enough to have experienced quite a few of life's ups and downs. 

Like many complementary therapists, I arrived here as a result of a long period of un-wellness which traditional medical routes struggled to explain and failed to resolve.  I therefore know what it is like to not know which way to turn when you are struggling to find a solution to to something which is affecting you on so many different levels.  I was fortunate to find my own solution in Creative Kinesiology. As importantly, I continue to see my own practitioner to prevent further ill health as well as for personal self-development.  I can honestly say it has changed my life.

​I have discovered a real fascination with and joy in Creative Kinesiology, not only in my own journey with it, but even more so, in being able to walk alongside other people and witness their journey towards optimum health and happiness.

​It would be my privilege to journey alongside you.


Monika Horber

Rhythmical Massage was developed from the classical Swedish Massage in the 1920's by Dr Ita Wegman, a medical doctor trained in Physiotherapy and Massage. 

It is a very gentle form of massage with flowing movements that penetrate deeply. An element of suction rather than pressure is used to enhance the flow of fluid through the body. The rhythmical quality of the treatment strengthens and supports the rhythmical processes within the body and which are at the basis of good health. 

Harmonising and strengthening the warmth of the body helps to release tension and contributes to an enhanced feeling of well being. 

People often comment on a new sense of wellbeing, of feeling more upright and freed from feelings of heaviness. 

Rhythm is essential for health and well-being. When healthy rhythms are disrupted, for instance through stress and modern life style, we experience discomfort or pain, which can lead to illness and disease. 

A treatment takes about 1 hour including a rest period. The rest period is an essential part of treatment allowing the massage movements and oils to release their effect within the body.

The oils and ointments used are carefully chosen to meet the particular needs of individual clients. They are made from natural ingredients and are additive free.