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You are unique and special and worthy of compassionate care.   If you are stressed, worried or exhausted perhaps it is time for a pause: to rest, re-charge and regain your peace of mind. 


Reiki Natural Healing, through Kate's experienced hands, offers drug free healing unique to you, that is an oasis of calm in the chaos of life.  Like a Zen garden it offers a space to relax your body, calm your mind and re-connect with your soul.


When you are having difficulty sleeping, are struggling with pain or generally feeling overwhelmed by daily life, take time to rest with Reiki Natural Healing.


"It has improved my quality of life and enabled me to cope with the pain that I have." 

Pauline, Ludlow


Receiving Reiki Treatment


To receive Reiki Natural Healing you lie on a comfortable treatment couch, fully clothed while Kate gently places her hands in a series of non-intrusive positions, gently resting there for several minutes.  Reiki energy will flow to you according to your need.  You may feel a comforting warmth as this takes place – sometimes Reiki can feel hot!  At other times it can feel cool.   Reiki healing encourages your body and mind to relax, helping to restore natural balance.  In the stillness and peace that follows you are able to reconnect with your spiritual self and hear your soul’s wisdom.


Reiki treatment is an opportunity to withdraw from the stresses of life for a time, into a peaceful space where the only thing you need to do is rest.  It gives you time in relaxed, spiritual space with little talking.  Kate will discuss your needs before the treatment and will ask you what you experienced at the end. Otherwise there is no expectation of conversation.  Reiki practitioners don’t diagnose or try to fix problems.  It is more about supporting you to rest your mind and body, creating the best conditions for healing and change to occur.


The treatment will usually last about 1 hour, during which time you may fall asleep and many people report drifting into a relaxed state of mind.   At the end of the treatment you can feel as if you have had a refreshing sleep, deeply relaxed and with a peace of mind that comes only from comfort for the soul.  The session in total will be one and a half hours to allow the hour of receiving Reiki to happen in an unhurried way, with time for you to discuss your needs and not rush at the end of the treatment.

"After having received several Reiki sessions from Kate, I have gained feelings of refreshment, wellness and serenity."

 Jean, Ludlow


Easy to learn, simple to practice

Reiki Natural Healing is also something you can learn for yourself, so that you can treat yourself any time.  Anyone who wants to can learn, no special ability is needed.  The 1st degree Reiki course takes place over 4 half-days spent with a Reiki master.  Receiving a life-long connection with the universal healing energy we call Reiki requires no mental effort: it is given to you by the Reiki master through a series of simple ceremonies. 

You will be taught the sequence of hand positions for treating yourself and treatment of other people.   You will learn about how Reiki can benefit animals and plants. You will also be offered 5 principles to guide your life and practice.  You simply need to be willing to receive this gift and to offer your commitment of time and money in exchange. 

For those who wish to deepen their Reiki practice further there is also 2nd degree.

Both 1st and 2nd degree classes are held at S.E.N.S.E.

“An excellent introduction to Reiki. Kate helped me feel secure throughout the course and infectious enthusiasm for Reiki overcame any initial doubts I had. I left feeling like I had learnt a very important skill and have continued to practice as much as possible since.”

Ben, Birmingham


Usui Shiki Ryoho in the spiritual lineage of Usui, Hayashi, Takata, Furumoto is a way of Reiki teaching and practice that has a clearly defined form.  The teaching includes sharing the history of the spiritual lineage, a specific treatment form, principles, symbols (at 2nd degree) and an expectation that a specific time and money commitment is given in exchange for teaching.  Usui Shiki Ryoho is taught through oral tradition, so the student learns to trust their inner wisdom, rather than relying on books.  This also means that the connection to Reiki is given through in-person initiation.


Kate Jones – Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master


I began my Reiki path in 1987 when I received Reiki treatments after the sudden death of my father.  His unexpected death rocked my world and I found Reiki was very helpful in regaining my peace of mind.  It also introduced me to my future husband!

After this experience I wanted to be able to share this wonderful healing with others, so learned 1st and 2nd degree Reiki in 1989.  I became a Reiki master and began teaching at the end of 1991.  I have been giving Reiki treatments, teaching Reiki classes and continuing to deepen my personal Reiki practice ever since. 

I became involved in the Reiki community in 1990 and was administrator for The Reiki Association for 12 years.  I continue to be involved as a volunteer to help the practice of Reiki to grow and thrive.  This included helping to develop the National Occupational Standards and core curriculum for Reiki practitioners.  I was appointed to the Reiki Profession Specific Board of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council in 2011 and continue to serve in this capacity.  I am also on the Executive Director Group of Reiki Foundation International/Reiki Home.

My Reiki practice has given me a path of growth and healing that helps me to re-balance body, mind and soul so that I can maintain vitality and joy in my life.  I am also a singer and community choir leader, with a special skills in facilitating singing for lung health.


Reiki Principles

Just for today do not worry

Just for today do not anger

Honour your parents, teachers and elders

Earn your living honestly

Show gratitude for every living thing


Please use the contact form below to get in touch with Kate to schedule an appointment.  Or call 01584 890284

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