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Our Therapies;

Each therapy aims to support the individual in their physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. 

We offer Sound Therapy, Reflexology, Counselling, The Rosen Method, Homeopathy,

Nutritional Therapy, Womb Therapy and Menopause Therapy.  We also run a monthly Sound Baths, Homeopathy Group, Creative Writing Group and Menopause Social.



We believe in taking a holistic approach to health and wellness. That's why we're proud to offer a monthly health and homeopathy group, led by our qualified homeopath Annie Hutchinson. During these sessions, we encourage open discussion about our health issues and share our personal stories. We also explore the benefits of homeopathic remedies and offer them for purchase in our shop. Plus, we provide refreshments to make the experience even more enjoyable. At just £3 per session, this is an affordable way to prioritize your health and connect with like-minded individuals.

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Sound Therapy

Experience the healing vibrations of sound. With over 20 years experience, Roise (roe-sha) can calm the mind by slowing the brain waves. Sound therapy can also stimulate the production of healing relaxing hormones by triggering the relaxation response. It can vibrate “out of tune” parts back into tune and good health.​

Please use the form on our Contact page to schedule an individual or group session. Or call 01584 811228.

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Counselling is a talking therapy. Learning to trust a counsellor with your personal feelings and thoughts may be a daunting prospect.  With Charlotte’s professional and warm approach the therapy can develop and be rewarding. Counselling can help you find understanding and clarity to problems you are struggling with, by talking things through at a deeper level. It is a process, which evolves at your pace.

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Rosen Method

What is it?

“Our work addresses the holding back that we do, where we do not show ourselves, where we hold back feelings, where we hold back actions. Through listening to the truth of the body it is possible to discover what we can do, who we can be, what we can experience, how we can love.” 

Marion Rosen, Founder


Rosen Method Bodywork is an original form of bodywork which addresses the whole person through their physical tension and emotional pain. Its unique form of gentle, listening touch and verbal communication helps people to connect with the truth and not have to deny difficult feelings or experiences.  When the body is allowed to reveal its truth in a space of non-judgement, it can relax and let go of stress and pain.  

The Rosen Method website, has more information if required.

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Menopause Coach

Julie Cosgrove is a certified menopause coach who can help women manage their symptoms and improve their overall well-being. She offers a variety of programs to meet the needs of each individual, from a 1.5-hour standalone session to a 6-month course. Her programs are based on a personalised menopause plan that looks at lifestyle activities and helps women make small changes to improve their symptoms. Julie's goal is to support women who want to feel better and get their lives back.



Reflexology is a non-intrusive, natural therapy which aims to alleviate symptoms, and the causes of symptoms, of many health conditions. Pressure is applied to reflex points on the feet (or hands) which correspond with specific areas on the body. The whole body is represented in the feet, and the reflexologist aims to stimulate the body into self healing by improving circulation, reducing stress, pain and restoring natural balance. Reflexology is safe to use alongside orthodox medicine and can be helpful for a range of conditions including: stress, headaches, neck stiffness, back pain, sinus congestion, digestive problems, hormone imbalance and many more.The Treatment SessionDuring the initial consultation a medical history will be taken to ensure it is safe to give treatment (there are some conditions where reflexology should not be used) and to determine any health issues that may benefit. 

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Nutritional Therapy


  • Struggling with health issues? 

  • Tried different diets but you still don't know what is right for you? 

  • Worrying that things are just getting worse?

  • Wondering if an immune system imbalance driving your problems? 

  • Maybe it’s your gut health? 

Understanding what is driving your health problems is the key to finding the right approach for your unique situation. An unhealthy gut flora, an immune system imbalance, a persistent infection or hormone issues: any or all of these might be the underlying factors in your situation. Caroline works with you to identify these and create a plan that works for you, to optimise your health: now and in the long term.


Creative Writing

We have a relatively small group

Members are encouraged to write when and as often as they feel the urge.  At our meetings, lively discussions on a variety of topics are peppered with reading work out and where asked for, receiving constructive feedback.  We also enjoy running in-house workshops and have the occasional author come and talk to us.


Most of our members concentrate their efforts on writing short stories and a little poetry.  A couple of our members have produced their own Anthologies /Self published novels.  

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 I have been a qualified counsellor and Registered Member of the British Association for     Counselling and Psychotherapy since 2009.  

During that time I have worked in charitable organisations offering free or low cost therapy, the Counselling and Psychotherapy Department of Kings College Hospital, London and in private practice in London.

I believe that therapy is a unique and extremely personal journey and many people come at a point in their lives when they feel aimless or stuck.   I want to help you explore and untangle those issues that can often seem too complicated or overwhelming to deal with. 




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